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I don't talk too much
I don't hug people too much. In fact, I only give one armed hugs to friends when we meet because thats a custom. Not too long ago, i was so obsessed with carrying an "attitude" that I promptly held my hand out if anyone was trying to hug me and loved seeing the weird expression on their face.
Which reminds me, i don't go into this "few years ago..." thing as much in RL as i do here.
I'm open only with friends otherwise i talk only business and not even that sometimes.
I usually carry a frown when i'm outside. I don't want to look too happy. Except for when i'm with friends, you'll hardly ever see me smiling.
I love it when someone calls me proud and cold behind my back. Because I've tried being as happy in real life as i am here. Doesn't work.
In most situations, I like to observe people and don't talk about myself with them with anyone but very close people. And at times not even them.
LOL this doesn't mean I'm always angry in public. I just keep to myself.

That's a few things i'm like in RL.
Sure i'm different in real life. That's a choice i've made. I might appear bifacial writing this, but i believe there's a difference in personal and public life and you have to keep your head working all the time and be what you want to be WHERE you want to be while staying honest to yourself and others.

Safety and happiness matter the most both in RL and EP.
I think everybody can smell a rat when people behave weirdly.
Be polite but don't indulge too much in looking good and don't think too highly of others just because of what they appear to be.
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Thanks<br />
btw, between my lines are little stars(just look at my post) :P<br />
You're one of my best friends too. ^_^

Hey Freefallwall, you are in your teenage years, and everything you described tells me this. You are a great guy who will mature into an amazing man that any girl will be proud to call her husband. I wish there were more like you in your generation.<br />
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How do I know? 1) I'm from an older generation who has seen some of life and people. 2) I read between the lines ( both your stories AND your messages)<br />
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I am honoured to have you in my friendship circle

Thanks NP! :)

Good group freefallwall and nice story. Made me think about some things for myself too...