Unique To Be Me

Since I was a little girl I've had a very best friend who was my mom. I remember her taking me everywhere she went like most single moms. I remember how she spoke to me like I was a person and didn't talk down to me ever. My mom to this day and I have a connection that is very strong and we love to talk about just about anything of interest. So having this strong connection with my mom I really don't see many age barriers that most people see. I've had many friends that were older than me...My first roomate was a friend from work who I felt was like a sister. I related to her on so many levels, when we grew apart it hurt and I'll always feel close to her. I could tell her anything and after sharing it with her, I'd feel better. Then I had another older roomate that was in college studying to become a licensed therapist. She was ten years older than me and I learned things from her I'll never forget. We are great friends to this day. I've also been involved with several men 15 years older than I was. I have since outgrown that need and especially because I'm older and more mature I've found it easier to relate to others in a more open minded way than most people do.
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You are fortunate to have a caring Mom, and she is fortunate to have a wonderful daughter. Good Balance!