Never was I like the other kids in school. There was always a part of me which was different. When the other children ran towards the next activity in class, I would stay in the back, observing how the other children reacted. When it was coloring time, I would share all my crayons, and if someone did not have a big crayon, I would give them mine and take the broken one. I was the patient, caring and smart girl where ever I went. Little have I changed throughout time.
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I was like that too, always watching and seldom speaking.

Instead of being different for being sensitive, we would be the same.

I think if we all catered to each others needs instead of our own, the world would have less sensitive people.

lol! Avibot... One day I will be the bride, that is for sure :) Also, it is okay to be sensitive and caring, as long as you do not forget your boundaries.

Be a nurse. Also, you probably don't take very good care of yourself. Treat yourself better!

then you're a keen observer of human behaviors.. . you're a great friend.. . a.k.a. ..always the bride's maid never the.. . oh' sorry, sorry. .. *ᴥ^ ...