I Like It That Way

I might be different , but I have so many things that normal kids don't experience . I see things no one else can see. I"m special I have a gift its like phsyic but different . I see the future I see dark figures . I talk to the dead . I know who people are by reading them I can  look inside kids or anybody and know how they feel and how they act  .People say its coincidences like once I told a girl to move she moved right before she was about to be crushed my a book shelve . I saw it in my dream and you know what she told me oh hocas pocas its fake after it happened to her she still didn"t believe me she said it was a coincidence but News Flash ! Theres no such  thing as coincidences they all happen for a reason. I"m different to by the way I act I"m not a girly girl or tomboy or anything I"m in the strange category . I really do not care in fashion or how I look  .

I don''t care I"m strange and not like the other kids and I like it that way I don't get compared but contrasted Lol its me

Not a angel

Not a devil

But just me
harboraqua harboraqua
13-15, F
Jul 19, 2010