There are no "other kids". "Other kids" might represent the societal norm or ideal, but even then, no one actually perfectly fits this description. It's just a theory... an ideal... a model... a concept. Everyone deviates, just in different directions and intensities. No one person or group is fully similar or dissimilar to the "other kids". The "other kids" are just an illusion that we have been socialized into thinking is real.
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2 Responses Nov 6, 2006

I lived with my aunt in Egypt for a while. I became friendly with some of her students and was struck by how different their attitudes were to mine. Being a Muslim majority, many were strong believers and very secure in their identity and community. Kids weren't depressed or suicidel, there was no trace that I could find of the teenage hierarchial system or illusions of the "other kids". My aunt claimed it was due to their lack of idleness. I'm not so sure.

But I think some deviate more than others, those who truly stand out from the crowd - the polar extremes of extroverts and introverts, for example