Known As The Goth

I never have been. At first in my younger years, I was collecting barbie dolls and loved the colour pink. I was an innocent little girl who loved to laugh and be happy. Somewhere along the way, something inside my changed. For better or for worse. I was always a bit weird, but it wasn't until my later years around age 8 or 9 that I fully became me. I started collecting Living Dead Dolls, listening to Slipknot and thinking bad thoughts. I became a total weirdo and this is where my family started calling it my 'Goth' stage (Although I'd much prefer the term 'Punk'. My main colours I'd wear were red and black, and I'd have all these chains and punk tops and black lip stick (which I only used on one occasion). I nearly even bought a spiked neck collar but never got around to it. I wore the black cuffs and all. I was a total punk hehe. I also used to have a side fringe which would always be in my eyes, making me look somewhat emo. Then when I turned 12 or 13, I started getting more girly, and accepting the more feminine side of me. I completely killed that punk side of me and even though I'd never admit it, it killed me. My family started saying things like ''Oh, no more black?", "It's nice to see you wearing colourful clothes'', and "You look much better when dressed nicely" (as my rather judgemental and unaccepting nan would say). I learned to accept it. But then I realised! Hey, why not be who the hell you want to be? Why not be pretty and feminine one day, and tomboy and punk the next? I've now learned that instead of repressing one side of me, I can be both . So now I can be wearing a colourful top and then be wearing my black fingerless gloves and rocking my Slipknot t-shirt. And that's also a middle finger to anyone in my family who thought that the punk side of me would die down. So there!
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The older you get the more people will expect you to dress "nicely". You can still be yourself though. For 21 yrs I had to wear a police uniform at work and at least pretend to be "normal". However I was and am still a Goth/Metalhead at age 43. My home is still decorated with many Gothic pics and people who can't handle that just don't come here. That's fine with me. :-) Do what you will but harm none.:-)

Yeah I suppose that's how society is eh? Really? Good on you man! If people don't like you then that's truly their loss. But if you're as cool as you sound, you're alright in my book :-) indeed haha.