Religon Is For The Beleivers

nowdays everyone gets pick on because of their religion. for being catholic christian,athiest ect. Yes we dont know for sure if our god is real but i always wished my family encoraged me to become a cristian , so then if i ever got in trouble and had no one to talk to i could pray to my god. yes he may not even be there but i could still believe that i had someone. i am a cristian. i found god last year when a girl from school told me about a youth group that was on every friday so we aranged that every friday i stay at her place so i could go there. i soon meet one of the leaders her name was mj. mj got me enough money to get me to go to our youth camp where i got healed and could hear better. ever since i have had so many people to talk to i have had god and my deceased brother. religion is for the people with no hope.
lillyianmay lillyianmay
13-15, F
Jan 22, 2013