Pulled Between The Only Family Member I Would Trust With My Life And My Boyfriend

i have a family member, he is my uncle he is my age and i would trust him with my life, but i have a boyfriend and he is 19 and he has hurt me before. my uncles name is loki and my boyfriends name is james.i love loki with every bit of energy i have, but i also love james. james may have hurt me before but i can't stop loving him. Loki says u have too leave him, he is too old for u, he is putting to much pressure on u. but i cant leave if i leave he will try to kill him self or even worse hurt other people. i dont want to leave him i just want him to change not what he is but what he does. James isn't like other 19 yr olds he has serious problems but he cant get any help, he suffers from bipolar and a serious case of depression. i am all that he has he cant trust anyone but me not even his brother or anyone in his family. he is all alone and needs help but loki wants me to leave. i just dont know what to do.
lillyianmay lillyianmay
13-15, F
Jan 22, 2013