First 2 Boys Then A Stranger.

it's happened finally it's happened, i broke up with james. while at the same time loosing all the feelings i had for kahn. it started when i had enough of james and dumped him. yes he is depressed and hurt emotionally and physically but just like me he will heal. then loki needed help standing up for his mate kahn. i felt sorry for what kind of stuff the guy was saying to him so i agreed to help, the out of no where a stranger to me but was a friend with kahn started standing up for kahn. i dont know what happened by i must have just feel for him. i started standing up for him as well then he made the comment <3 amber <3. as soon as i saw it i added him and started talking. i finally told him i liked him. but then i realised he didn't like me in that way. it hurt a lot but i will never give up. not this time, this time i will stop at nothing.
lillyianmay lillyianmay
13-15, F
Jan 23, 2013