I'm Just Looking For Someone To Listen...

I do not want anyone to fix my problems with their ready-made solutions. For some it is a defensive attitude but I'm here just to let things out. I just want people to read, understand and yes, leave a smile or a warm wish or may be just say how can they relate to it; tell their experience. I often get personal messages with solutions like moving somewhere else, start dating, start partying etc. I do appreciate the time, people give to read, and their polite suggestions but I'm not looking for ready-made solutions. A story does not tell you about all the problems that I may be facing and some interdependencies of things, so ready-made solutions do not work. Anyone can say 'dump him'her' when someone brings about the wrongdoing of their partner but it's not easy to actually just go and dump, it takes a lot.
beyondrepair beyondrepair
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Let it ALL out! :)

There are no solutions, it's just living. There's no right or wrong way to live and there's no law that says you have to be happy all the time, thank god.

Do you need a shoulder to cry?

I guess I see what you're saying beyondrepair.<br />
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It's like, people can tell you how they think you can be "solved", but the only person who REALLY knows you as well as you are, is... well, yourself, in the end.<br />
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So sometimes, you know yourself enough to know what can and can't work/help you. When other people try to say what they think is good for you, you just get annoyed, how can they POSSIBLY know what's really good for you, are they you? No.<br />
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Sometimes, it's nice just to vent it out. You don't want/need a solution, you can do that on your own if you want, you just need to get some stuff out.

i agree, there is so much people don't take into consideration wen givin you advice, and sometimes you just need to get something off your chest to be able to deal with it yourself =) b-sides not all advise is easy to follow if you have a history.

Anything you want to share with me will stay with me. I'm a good listener, I never judge anyone and I wouldn't poke my nose in where it wasn't wanted. =o)

i have to agree