A Mothers Day I Will Never Forget!

Mothers Day used to be really hard for me because it dug up a very painful memory for me. It has been a long time ago so I cope with it better now but it is still in ways a painful reminder of Mothers Day in 1993. My ex husband and the father of my child took off Friday night that weekend to hang out with some friends. We only had one car at the time and he had it. I was stuck at home alone with my son who wasn't quite 2 yrs old yet. Saturday rolled around and he still was not home. I called everyone we knew and no one knew where he was. Finally Sunday rolled around which was Mothers Day he still wasn't home. Finally after speaking to my neighbor she told me I needed to go to this apartment complex in town where I lived and there I would find my car and him. She did not want to go into further detail. My mother showed up to wish me a Happy Mothers Day so I caught a ride with her to go look for my husband. We drove into this apartment complex and there was my car out in front of this one building. I went to the 1st floor and knocked on the door to my left and a guy answered. I described my car and told him the owner of the car had me blocked in could he tell me which apartment he was in. The guy said yeah he is right across the hall! So I knock on the door and here comes my husband, the love of my life to the door zipping up his pants and his hair all messed up. A girl comes walking behind him in a nightie! So this was the bitter end of my marriage. I moved out 2 days later and he moved her in and she got pregnant by him 6 mos later before our divorce was even final!

 I used to get real moody every year around this time. It really dug a hole in my heart. Over the years I realize it is just another day and I can deal with it now. The scars are still there because the day this happened a part of me died when I walked away. I think I have never allowed myself to be in love with anyone else to this day the way I was in love with him. It hurt too much! I have loved other people just not in the same intense kind of way if that makes sense.

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36-40, F
May 11, 2007