I Am Not Looking Forward to Mother's Day

Ok, well that is 50% true. I am completely excited about spending part of Mother's Day with my sons!! This weekend they will be at their Father's but neither I or my ex are stupid enough to disregard special days like this one and say something stupid like * Sorry boys, no you can't see mom on Mother's Day because it's my weekend* Thank the Lord neither one of us puts are on feelings before our children's!!

So, despite the fact that I have no interest in what I planned to do with them, except for watching them enjoy themselves, I am taking them to see Spider Man 3. They can hardly wait!! After the movie we will grab a quick bite to eat and than after that they will return to their Dads.

Now the other 50% that I am NOT looking forward too. I recently for very SERIOUS reasons decided to cut my parents out of my life. That was a very bitter/sweet decision, but if you knew all the details, as sad as it sounds, you would probably agree that it was in the best interest of myself and my children, HOWEVER, no matter what my mother is still my mother and tho i do not LIKE her, i do love her. It will take every ounce of energy i have NOT to reach out and call her and i know in my heart of hearts although in her mind she will not expect a call in her heart as in mine, we would both love to reach out and at least say Happy Mother's Day. That is why I am not looking forward to Mother's Day, it will be a struggle NOT to call her in my heart but in my MIND, the worse thing i could do is to call her

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1 Response May 11, 2007

my heart goes out to you. I am also not looking forward to mother's day. Not for any of your reasons but many of my own.<br />
thanks for sharing.