Not That I Hate Men ...

... And not that I won't be friends with men, but ... 

Guys, I am a lesbian, you know?  So don't think it's ever, ever going to happen.  LOL!  

So, if you want to add me, fine.  But, if I go to your profile and see nothing but sex groups, just know you are about to be blocked.  There are plenty of girls on here willing to flirt with you, so go find them!  I am not one of them ... not for you anyway ;)

Just being honest, you know.  Don't hate me for saying so.  lol.

Good luck, guys :)


hauntedgrrl hauntedgrrl
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I think your testosterone levels are almost as high as mine....!?<br />

Some guys are still not getting the hint! Lesbians don't want men, fellas!! Not like THAT anyway! LOL!! Go find yourselves some bi-sexual girls to play with, if that's your thing ...<br />
<br />