I'd Like To Know Why

I'm just curious is all...

What makes me such a bad person?

What makes me so gross to look at?

What makes me so unwanted?

Why am I not loved?

Tell me, please?
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
28 Responses Nov 30, 2010

awh.... I feel like this everyday...... When im in school, everyone just turns around and calls me ``ugly`` or ``annoying`` and even ``stupid``.

So your not alone. I softly cry everynight knowing that there is no such thing as ♥ for me.... not even a little bit.

But just remember, no matter how ``horrible`` someone looks, they are always kind and generous on the inside. Its what`s inthe inside that counts ♥

uh just to clarify the teeth sinking thing was part of her apple story... so yeah....

hey uh i dont know you but i have to say that just from reading your comment and blurry picture, your gorgeous, you seem like a really good person, and i have to agree whole souled with Yoru, most guys want something easy to sink their teeth into, (that sounds kinda bad....) but the things that are truly great are the thing we must strive for, so keep your chin up because, you will find the one for you.

LMFAO aww baby, that is so cute of you to say (:

A long time ago my friend, Kris, told me something when I was sad that I was single and hurt.<br />
<br />
"Girls are like apples. The really good ones always seem to be at the top of the tree, always out of reach. The ones that taste ok, look....eh alright and are just kinda meh are at the bottom and easy...REALLY easy to get. The ones at the top are perfect to the core, the ones on the bottom taste good at the first bite but don't taste too good after that. But boys will always go for the bottom when they're starving or lazy."<br />
<br />
Anyways, sometimes it's better to be the apple at the top because when you do get picked, it's because they worked damn hard for you. :)

Thanks Techno

I used to ask myself the same question for awhile then I met someone who cared at first but his unresolved issues is why he left...not because of me in any respects. I know I have alot to offer to any prospective relationship. A man with baggage is on thing, but a man with unresolved issues and living in the past or not in the present for the future is the real problem.<br />
<br />
Him....NOT YOU!

hence i am right because your HOT

Thanks for the comment

hhaa speaking of white boyz..you is one :P

i agree with the white boy there your exotic and thats final

Inex--naw it doesn't<br />
<br />
Sherrie--me too :D

I love you.

Mexican counts...

exotic? pffft

see even a horny leopard can tell you hot even the little boys here after hot after you exotic *** ;)

WHAT!?!??!<br />
<br />
You're gross, unwanted, and a bad person!?!?!!<br />
<br />
*looks around EP*<br />
<br />
Where the **** did Chip go?!!!?!??!?<br />
<br />
She was none of those things! >:L

John--ahahaha<br />
<br />
Mr.Sadist xD

......... please ..pretty please. fine then i'll start hitting on you some more :P

Thanks for the comment hun' you are really sweet.<br />
<br />
And trust me, I don't get hit on at all so my non existent self esteem doesn't seem to come into play in this case, although I know it does stop me from doing other things.<br />
<br />
*hugs* :)

Not everyone here can be dumb<br />
<br />
and *hugs* it's nice to know someone can relate to me...I am not EVER going to call you unless you leave me a cute voice mail..right NOW!

thats cause everyone where you are are stupid idiots. <br />
<br />
no everyone around you are wrong. hun your beautiful inside and out. i was treated the same way in high school so i know how you feel. *hugs* also still waiting for your call :P

Bro, that's not true...there is something about me that is bad, wrong, or icky, because otherwise I can't explain why I am not liked.. I must be so hideous somehow...<br />
<br />
Not everyone around me is wrong, there must be something wrong with ME...I am not okay in some way and it kills me to not be able to fix it

hun its true. guys around you are just to stupid to realize how great you are. trust me if you had been in my high school you'd have been hit on non<x>stop.....most likely by me

Yeah, well you're my buddy so you kinda have to say that but thank you, you are so sweet!

You are far from gross to look at, and you have proven repeatedly that you are not a bad person.

I know you care for me bro!<br />
<br />
But I meant relationship wise...why do no guys like me? And since your my bro you can't really answer

hun you are none of those things especially to me