I Am Not Loved By Anyone

Its just those moments when you know what you dont have...what you never had...what you might never have. When things happen that are just unbearably painful and there is nobody there. When people hurt you because they can. When no one ever ever ever makes sure your ok. My goodness. That complete deisregard for my life. When someone you care about doesnt even remember you..or think about just happens everyday...I just know I am not loved. It just feels so true.
MyNameItIsNothing MyNameItIsNothing 26-30, F 6 Responses Jun 10, 2011

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If a man says he don't love you, it's true.
When he does love you, he will say it all the time.
Often,it's too often.
Drives women nuts :( then they complain again.
Can't win.

Darling, such things happen when you care about some and does not value your care you feel depressed, just know if your not loved by human God loves and cares about you. am also a victim but i just gave it time i know one day things will be ok, i will get some one who cares most. God bless u dear

I have never had a man say I LOVE YOU and really be sincere saying it. I have failed and cannot ever see myself having another relationship. I I am 43 years old and feel If I have not been loved by now then what hope is there. I dont want to take the risk again as it only leads to hurt and pain. That is how I see love. Maybe I am never meant to be loved. Someone once said to me when I was a teenager 'NO MAN WILL EVER LOVE YOU" . They were right.

Itz rather true

this is whagt ilive everyday , but there is a reason for this i think just Love yourself it's what a lot of people advice me , i've never could cause if others doesn't love me or care about my feelings so there is nothing to be loved on me :D

You are wrong--you ARE LOVED by Christ & other ppl that you don't even know a/b. You ARE SOMEBODY, YOU MATTER!!!! Ppl can be cruel at times & disregard you. These things will happen at times, unfortunately. But, you cannot let what other ppl think of you get you down!! In life we can't please EVERYONE! To help your mood improve, go jogging--the exercise acts as a natural antidepressent--& It DOES WORK!! Its a known medical fact that it works. I suggest that you seek out a counselor to talk to a/b your depression. If you don't wanna do that, I'd be happy to listen to you & help you as much as I can. I"m college educated in psychology & have delt with depression myself in my lifetime. What have you got to lose? You are on my prayer list, ok?<br />
<br />
God Bless,<br />