I Quit

I am 30 and have been engaged twice in four years, I am starting to believe that I will never make it down the aisle and came to a conclusion that I am learning to be alright with that. I just started casually dating 2 months ago and every guy I have gone out with I am either attracted to him sexually, but his cannot hold a conversation or he's nice, but I am not sexually/physically attracted to him. I not felt any chemistry with any of these men, I am not at all a lesbian, I love all types of men still, but the desire for a long-term relationship is gone. Emotionally I cannot give myself to another man, I am more guarded than ever and get bored real easily, at this point I don't want a relationship and don't know if this feeling is permenant or temporary. I have been hurt really bad by my last relationship and think this is the reason why I have given up on the idea of ever finding true love.
danielleduncan35 danielleduncan35
26-30, F
May 31, 2011