So I posted while back that I had gotten engaged at the age of sixteen. And now, at age seventeen, I realize how stupid I was. I lied to myself about the way I felt just because he was a nice guy. And now, after breaking it off some several months ago, I've lost a really good friend. Even though I don't feel any way romantically for him, I did cherish the friendship we had. But now he hates me. He can't even be in the same area as me after transferring to my school. I've tried talking to him, but he won't give me a chance. So no, I'm not engaged anymore. And though I don't want to think about marriage for a long time, I still can't stop thinking about my ex. I miss him, and I hope that he can forgive me someday.
Riomi Riomi
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2014