I am not married. I can't really see it ever happening to be honest. If I did ever get married I would want a very low-key affair. I hate being the centre of attention so the idea of having a huge wedding with lots of guests fills my stomach in knots. Plus, I believe that getting married is something that you do for love, not in order to have a big party.
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You never know

same for me..

Are you just being sarcastic?

No. Are you?

I'm not married either - I have a boyfriend, but tbh I don't ever see myself being married. I absolutely hate traditional wedding dresses - they are SO UGLY! and so expensive! I much prefer a little gothic/elven inspired dress made by an indie designer on Etsy than one of those hideous cake gowns... *shudder*

Ever thought about a hand fasting ceremony instead?

Happiness become twice when u share with your love ones and people do party to share their happiness

You don't need a big party in order to be in love

No need big party .its your choice how u wanna celebrate

If you're happy with it then everyone is happy

My mother would never be happy if I were to get married. She has never liked any boyfriends I have had because she's always trying to control me.

Well may be she think u didn't choose right one . Like I read about your bf who doesn't look so supportive

Sorry I shouldn't have said that

I think that I've always been easily manipulated and everyone walks all over me. I seem to attract guys who do that too.

Well , if u ever need to talk to someone . U can write to me any time

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