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I'm Not, But I Do Demand A Lot

There are positive and negative aspects of being with someone non-materialistic like myself. On a positive note, I don't drain my husbands bank account buying new curtains and furniture every other month.  Like most people, having financial security is important, but that does not always have to include being in an upper class income. Financial stability to me includes a lack of debt and in turn an income that exceeds the amount of our bills leaving enough money to set aside for emergencies and fun activities with my husband and/or children.

On another note, some might think of it as negative, but sometimes us non-materialistic women demand more action. An expensive piece of jewelry does not show love to us. As far as I'm concerned, a diamond is not my best friend. I can't speak for other women, but I may not be high maintenance in a material way, I am high maintenance with time. I want to be shown how important I am to them and to me that is only possible through actions. If it is a gift, in order for it to have significance, it must have a meaning behind it or something that is unique. A dozen roses does not make me forgive hurtful actions, instead a lot of action showing love overpowering the hurt will make me over look it.

When I was single, I dated a few men that had a lot of money and honestly I felt that sometimes expensive gifts were a cop out. If anything, it made me view them as not being responsible with money and as far as looking at a future with them, I feared what kind of debt they might possibly have.
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I like financial stability but am not always craving more, nor competing constantly. I really dont understand that. Surely it comes from a lack of inner contentment, and surely can never lead to it...

Well for every husband, it should naturally be that for him his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. I can't understand it any other way myself.