Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall... Who's The Richest One Of All?

I judge not by the belongings of others, but the quality of character.  Clothing cannot speak.  Fancy cars only have bad gas.  Mansions have lonely vibes.  Company and love provide true feeling and true happiness.  Materialistic people do not know what they are missing if they cannot find the good in some people and appreciate people more than belongings.  Belongings are nice, people are nicer (or can be nicer).
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1 Response Sep 24, 2011

Good thoughts. Would read again (good thing it's a short piece). This may be going off on a tangent but I think there a two camps. On the blue corner we have the "people are nice' camp and on the red corner, we have the "People are stupid, ignorant, selfish, greedy... and did I mention stupid?" camp. This doesn't have much to do with the topic of materialism, but sometimes i'd rather be in the company of my iphone (yay! frruit ninja and music) rather than the company of another... who's thoughts and personality bore me (you're not one of them).<br />
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I love going off on a tangent. Hope you didn't mind =p

It's too bad that most people are either nice and "stupid' or mean (conceited) and relatively to extremely intelligent. That is definitely a great reason to wish to be alone. I cannot blame you whatsoever. Tangents are good... and your prominent use of parentheses provide an indication of your sense of humor or solely your thought process (maybe both) (don't worry, I use parentheses too often).