It Can't Make Me Happy

I am not a materialistic person.
I do not excessive desire material things
I like things, I want things and some I desire
But that is not my center focus in my life it is not my motivater either
I have money in my pocket and dont buy any thing
It is self-control
I am a child of God and my rewards are not earthly
The bible tells me that if I seek God first I will eventually have all the things I desire
I wait on God to give me things such as I am waiting on him now to make away for
me to get the car I want and the price right. Even if I have to make a payment God is going to have my payments were I want have to stop paying my tides and offerings at church. He will also have it were I want have to get two jobs to make ends meet and also so it want be repossed in the process of me paying for it.
All these are benefits of God's blessings.
I also say that because of God I trust him to give me
whatever I need in my life.
Materialistic things has never made me happy nor have they satified my desire
I am so happy to be this way.
I can say that no matter how broke I have gotten
I never wanted to steal to have a radio or steal something that belongs to someone else.
I thank God for the fact he has blessed me and I rather recieve whatever I get in my life from
God and not going out here making it happen. I believe that a person can have whatever they see or think of if they get money enough
I do not feel that is God's way I am not materialistic.
"I can live with it, I can live without it." To God Be the Glory!
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Jan 4, 2012