I'm Not Sure What It Is...

But I'm happy with the simple things in life now.
Maybe it's my maturity.
Maybe it's knowing that my earnings potential will never be in the millions.
Maybe it's being happy with what I have (and am).
Or maybe it's just being thankful for what I have.
A roof over my head (in a nice neighborhood).
Clothes on my back.
Food on my table.
I have all of life's needs.
(except of course love, if you've read my other stories)
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51-55, M
2 Responses May 16, 2012

When I chose my career path, I knew I would never be able to be materialistic. I have everything I need and even a little bit of what I want. Love...I'm working on it.

We will always have to work on Love. : )

Yes...me too...have all that I need... except love. Isn't it funny how this ingredient missing from the mix, will make the material comforts shrink in significance. I would rather have love and live in a hut than have all this, although why should we not have both.