A Simpler Life

           There seems to be the idea that the more we have the more we need, and the more we need the more we want. It seems to be a never ending cycle that seems to be the way of life for most people. The more and more I see the more, and more I want: the newest, the fastest, the biggest, the nicest “stuff”. This idea that we are never satisfied with anything until we have much, much more is pretty sad. When will we ever be satisfied?  Materialism consumption is not just “stuff” that  we're consuming ourselves with on the outside, but a mind frame of always wanting more: never being satisfied, happy, excited about what we do have. This is the land of plenty, but the satisfaction of little.
             Growing up I never really went to the mall to go shopping for the latest fashion trends, watched television shows or even up to date on the latest movies. I could remember many conversation that I had with others years later that I haven't a clue what they were talking about: I might as well been raised in a foreign land. However, it was ok that I didn’t know the latest trends of the moment, day, month, and even year.  To some I might have missed out on everything, but it’s all a matter of perspective.  What are we allowing to fill our mind, time, day, and life with?  As american to always what more; What needs do we have that we keep trying to  feel ourselves with more, and more things?
        This idea of a simpler life sounds good away from the chaos, and mixed messages of more, and more stuff.  What comes to mind when you think of a simpler life…..  The Amish!  I sometimes jokingly say that am Amish because I love their simpler life style.  I like the Amish simpler idea of life, beauty, identity, community, and their purpose. I think that we can all learn something from the Amish. If we like the Amish would devote ourselves to something bigger, and worthwhile then maybe like the Amish we then too could have a better understanding of our identity, and purpose.  
kudos2010 kudos2010
26-30, F
Sep 6, 2012