Dumpster Diver

I used to have many things.  I came from a family that was well off and I had pretty much everything I wanted and needed.  I had my first car bought for me before I even had my license.  Up until the age of 22, I could even buy whatever I wanted because my credit was just that good.  I had three cars at one point.  A townhouse.  Beautiful furniture.  A motorcycle.  Nice clothes to go to the club in every Friday and Saturday. 

And suddenly...a lot of bills to pay...and then a stab in the back by a now-ex-girlfriend that lead me to having to file bankruptcy, get an eviction, a repo....you name it.

I had to suddenly learn to live on less and make ends meet on my own.  Although I still had help from my parents from time to time, their own financial situation was getting quite difficult.  At one point...I had nothing but a place to live....my old room in my parents house at the age of 29.  I didn't even have a car and couldn't even get my own bank account. 

I learned to live without...and it almost became an adventure.  I'd make it work, no matter what.  I found out what thrift stores and salvation army were really for.  I found out what food banks were around.  I made it work...and I can honestly, I don't think anyone else in my family could have done the same.  They are all too proud to admit they've been beat and go to "such places."  I survived it, something they couldn't do because they are too proud and think they are too good. 

Now, even though there's a slight money situation, I'm doing well, and have learned not to live beyond my means.  I save the money that I would spend on a nice new piece of furniture and find a used one at a thrift store, or better yet, make one.  You have no idea how many purposes large wooden electrical spools have!

And my girl has a habit of dumpster diving, which I do from time to time as well.  In fact, the desk this computer is on is from a dumpster, and it's F'n sweet as hell...Nobody would ever know. 

I make it work.  We make it work.  Materials get you no where and are easily taken away.

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2 Responses Aug 31, 2008

well, if you've seen some of the other stories lately, blogs, etc...you'd see that's not quite the case. I've taken a turn for the worse...but I still have my material possession that I've gotten back into my life. They're not much but they're mine and their worth something to me.

I've learned some things well, other things, still can't quite grasp the lesson...unfortunately.