We All Need to Have a Smaller Footprint

I look at what is going on around me and sometimes wonder why we need all this stuff.  Yes I am typing on a computer but it is a work system and yes I have a dsl line at home, but after that I would say that's is one of my few extras.  I wish I could limit other parts of my life.  I am trying to use just what I need and keep the extras out of my life.

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2 Responses Sep 13, 2008

Do you remember that guy a few years back sold everything he owned and I mean everything on ebay after realising he had too many 'things' around him he just didn't need.<br />
<br />
Try it sell those 'extras' on ebay and se if you really miss them. If you don't then you never needed them.

I am not "stuff" person either......