Every where I go I find people who define their self worth by the 'things' they own. Your house, car, boat, jewelery, home theatre system, tv, or computer does not add value to your personal worth. The only thing that can do that is your actions.

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I agree... I don't see how people can think that way.<br />
Actually, I used to think that way too when I was 9... but I was 9. <br />
I like how you put it here.

I agree 100%!

Agreed. I'm trying not to become another victim of society's obsession with consuming and spending. I'll admit that I have my weakness, especially with all these new gadgets and electronics but I can atleast say I'm not one those people willing put myself into debt to satisfy superficial needs.

same here ... and my husband and i butt heads because he really is ... he said im that way because i grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth... which isnt true... ive worked for the things that ive gotten since i was 17.... and not because my parents wanted me to... no i turned down getting a car bought and paid for by them... got a job when my dad told me not to because they would take care of me.... <br />
i bought my first car a beat up 1973 vw bug on a small line of credit to build mine and then ended up selling it to my older brother who had just wrecked the brand new car that my parents bought him. in order to buy a newer car .. i paid for prom and i lived on my own for 3 years....<br />
and just because he met me when my mother begged me to move back home.. because i lived around a bunch of drunk bum guys who when i would get off work would come out of their duplex ( 2 am) she was scared for my life and i started to be as well.. mind you i was only back home for a year .... butt he has it in his mind that i got everything from mommy and daddy and that i cant do much of anything .... well he will learn in time just how strong i am....

I so agree. I think we place way to much power on the things we have instead of the thoughts we have.