Not Me!

I grew up poor and didn't have many things. Though, I wanted everything that the other children had. It made me sad for a very long time. Then, when I turned 15, our family was no longer poor and I bought everything that my peers had and more! XD

The only thing was... I thought the items would make me more happy. But it didn't. I was still alone, without any friends, and it was so lonely. I just sat in my room, surrounded by cool gadgets and things, all brand new and brand names... feeling empty. It was then that I discovered that stuff doesn't make a person happy... other people do!

Friends and family is the most important thing, in life. Love and friendship can not be bought and sometimes is a rare thing to find. So, I am not materialistic, at all. I mostly spend my money on others, because I have no real use for it myself. No matter what new item I buy for myself, it doesn't make me truly happy and the smile it brings only last for a day, at the most. But love and friendship lasts for days on end! :-D

If someone had came to me today and had the power to grant me true love and to be closer to my true friends, for the price of giving up all of my stuff. Yep, I'd do it! :-)

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1 Response Dec 5, 2008

You are one of the few people I have heard who really understands that purchasing power of things can not make you happy. Yiou were lucky once you became wealthy you did not have the hangers on appear pretending to be you best buddies.<br />
<br />
Money can buy happiness as you have found in giving other people the ability to lead happier lives. You can also use money on yourself in the form of such things as travel. Any money spent on broadening ones mind as travel does is money well spent.