Moral Subjects

I believe adult human beings who are in their "right mind" are moral agents. That is we ought to hold to moral principles and cannot expect those who are "merely" moral subjects to do the same (children, the elderly, *ANIMALS*). Since we are moral agents, we ought to do what is morally right by moral subjects.
It is a predatory universe, some animals eat other animals... it is the way of things. However, technology has increased to the point where I needn't deprive another of its life to continue mine. I can get my nourishment elsewhere.... therefore I am vegetarian borderline vegan (I eat eggs from hens that I KNOW are treated well... still using them though... my sin). It doesn't matter what tastes "good," my greed should not harm others.... greed like that is the root of all evil. It is our duty as moral agents to ensure that suffering is at a minimum in our world, the world created by our choices. The only thing that separates us from non-human animals is the ability to choose not to be predatory.
If one eats meat, one should be willing to kill for it, or one is denying reality (the reality that a living being gave its life so you could continue yours). Life is suffering: limit the suffering, or take part in it.

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Hello Anachel :)<br />
The longer I went without eating meat, the more I didn't care for it (even the steaks that I used to enjoy soooooooo very much - seemed empty). So I realized I didn't really want it or enjoy it (really) and it was that much easier to deny it. Seafood (fish especially) has been difficult, its healthy and I really really like it.... but I deny myself (a struggle). There is a book, "The World Is Blue" - helped me kick my seafood "addiction."<br />
I see no reason to not buy cage free eggs.... they usually don't cost that much more :) - honestly I don't know why stores carry anything else.<br />
Do non-human animals have souls? If yes, then how can we justify their killing? They should have as much right to their bodies as we do ours. If no, then we take everything an animal has for our own greed... and what does that make us?<br />
Hmmmmm..... (I am no better than anyone else, I have consumed more than my fair share of living being's bodies).<br />
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Thanks Anachel :)<br />
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Thanks :)<br />
It is kinda strange that people feel the need to be confrontational about it.... I guess humans generally try to attack that which they don't understand (I am being too harsh I think). I find that I get more understanding when I tell people it is not about the consumption of the meat itself (I am not grossed out by it) but about contributing to a system that wastes so much and treats life with such irreverence. This is the truth, but I have also begun to feel the suffering and death of that which I would consume quite viscerally and vividly. I do not think death is a bad thing but needless suffering and destruction is immoral not only to the life that is lost but to ourselves as well (we become less human).<br />
I certainly don't think it is necessarily wrong for others to eat meat as long as they have some respect for the fact that something died so that they could live. Anyway, I will get down off of my high horse now....<br />
Thanks again for your words! :)