She's Not Me...and I'm Not Her

I must go on record stating that I am NOT Mrs. Woo.  So many of you have asked me this question today that I feel I must state this now publicly.  I think whoever Mrs. Woo is that she is a kind and gentle soul and is harmless, but I am not her.  Real or not she is giving us all a lot of entertainment and I like her. What about you guys?  I know you all adore her too, right?

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27 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Mrs. Woo was the 2nd best thing to happen to this site.

Lol I liked Mrs. Woo too

You know who I think was the best thing that ever happened to this site?

I don't know but you were a very big part of it for me. You made me laugh so often. I miss your little pasta boy avatar.

Who is that?

She was definitely not Mrs. Woo. Churchy was, and it was a fun night playing with her on EP.

She was me..... :)

I thought she might be but I am not one to "out" others. I can't handle more than one profile myself but I have no problem with people having more than one if that is what they want. Well as long as they aren't using them to hurt others, and I don't think you were doing that at all. Good to know you are still around and that she wasn't me. There was a time that I began to think I was every profile here when I was being accused of it every day. What is hilarious is that I have only ever had one other profile here, and I couldn't remember the password for it. That lasted all of a week. So kudos to you.

I have had many, though one at a time. Now, all I have is this one.

I have had a lot of fun with her.

It is rather curious that so many can not accept her for who she appears to be. Are we all that cynical? Or do we think that someone as straightforward and plainspeaking as she wouldn't come to this site? You go, Mrs Woo!

Why do you feel like a woo?<br />
And who may I ask are you? <br />
Are you the real Mrs. Woo?<br />
Or someone that wants to be her too?

Woo are you, Mrs. Woo?

LOL Nan. You are too funny.

Someone started a group that MrsWoo is fake?? Well! Maybe I'll just start a group for MrsWoo's fanclub!

Thanks ladies. I never judge anyone strictly by what others on here say about them. If I did that I would not have my sexiest best friend in the whole wide world. I would be lost without the man.

I've seen a few of mrs woo's comments here and there but didn't take much notice until someone made a group how they think she's a fake. I read the story in there and was surprised. I shouldn't let my first impression of a person be from what other people have said, and for that I'm sorry for taking that story seriously.

Yes, I do love you and know for a fact that between FunGirlmmm, job searching and texting me you not only don't have time for an alternate EP id, but you are quick to point out it is totally against the rules...

Sahira, I am a live and let live person. Mrs. Woo has always been nice to me.<br />
<br />
Nude, Get dressed if you want to dude, otherwise enjoy life naked.<br />
<br />
Mother, thanks sweetie.<br />
<br />
Aqua, You are as likely as anyone else lol.

How could you even consider it would be me fungirl..<br />
<br />
I am not that funny or insightful!!<br />
<br />
Long live MrsWoo!!!

Me too Scooby but everyone kept asking if I was her lol.<br />
<br />
Rick, she is awesome.<br />
<br />
HBY, but you love me.<br />
<br />
Awww Bebe you are so adorable.

I like MrsWoo except that she is always telling me to get dressed, other than that, we are cool!

i never read any of her(?) stories till today but the one i read put a smile on my face so she(?) is ok in my book :-)

Mrs Woo is great! I just assume everyone is who they say they are. Makes my life a lot easier. Tanks Mrs Woo!

Never thought you were... Just saying... ILY

Na, I thought she was moomouse at first lol, then I thought she was speechless, then I jumped to Aqua, then to another and another. All I can say for certain is that she is not me lol.

LOL me neither. That was what I said to someone, When do I have the time? LOL

I suspected PeaceOnEarth was MrsWoo but she denies it.

Some people should not have to be defined.<br />
I say welcome to this breath of fresh air.<br />
EP needs this sweet gentle soul.<br />
<br />
~ her like good sushi ~

I like having her around, but I think it is funny that people think that she is me.

I am sorry Mrs. Woo. You seem to be sweet. As I have told you i don't care who you are as long as you act positively I will be your friend.<br />
<br />
Hey DB! Thanks girl! I love you.

I am not Mrs.Woo either, but she is a gentle, positve vibe here.<br />
<br />
she good.