I Too Am Not Woo

nor am I the new moo and I do not think moo is woo nor woo moo but woo is not new nor is the new moo moo the new moo is not woo and woo is not the new moo

old moo new moo new woo ah foo there is more than two

I swear I just heard Ric Flair say woooooooooo

now who is Mrs woo woo?

I dare not say it is woo moo or new moo


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20 Responses Mar 2, 2009

not true there is no woo

No one realized that DAS wrote the perfect post for Mrs. Woo and Dr. Seuss - it was his Birthday yesterday when you wrote that!<br />
<br />
And I say woo woo to you you!

Yes, i did, but it was kind of being in the moment, you know? I am a wild and crazy lady occasionally, but some people donĂ½ know that yet. And this bunch is pretty wild and crazy too.

Whoo-hoo! Choo choo Poo poo Now a boo boo Marki<br />
<br />
Goo goo ga ga Ho Ho Ha Ha Koo koo for coco puffs<br />
<br />
This has been a loo loo, you noo noo<br />
<br />
Maybe just too too so so turning into a zoo!

Hey!! I AM THE NEW MOO!! THANKS a lot for outing mee!!! LOL

You're funny, oh hi by the way :)


Ok, now my head is really spinning LOL


ah mooooooooooooo

To be the woo, you gotta beat the woo... WOOOOO!

OH MY GOD!!!!!<br />
<br />
My head hurts. It's Monday. Too much thinking.

Cypriot? what's that

three no, two

I know you Mrs. Woo and you are not you nor moo nor new moo. You leave clues Mrs. Woo on who is who and who is not you.

If Woo is not Woo and Moo is not Moo, am I still me? If not, who's eating this chicken?

Though I have no clue as to the new moo<br />
I do have a clue to the woo<br />
its true its true<br />
Do you?

ah you too. that makes me blue<br />
<br />
perhaps more comments will lessen the boo hoo's

me too