Not Having Much Fun And Enjoyment Today!

I went to a favorite place to shop, a thrift store that I love to hate, but I found hardly no goodies. There were a few crates I wanted to store books in, but they wanted a buck a per one and they did not have the sense to take care of them since I could not carry them on my bike! I'd asked the week or so before about buying some and picking them up later, so I knew it should be fine based on the answer previously given to me. The woman who was my cashier is a nice woman and friendly, but she acted as if she didn't know what to do for them until I could get them tomorrow. I told her what I was told before, but I ended up telling her to skip it since it seemed to take a rocket scientist to figure out how to stash them safely! Sheesh! I didn't find any good books to buy, enjoy, and peruse through... and what small trinkets I did find they were not worth writing home about. Of course home is where I live since my parents are deceased! So that whole shebang annoyed me, and now that I'm downtown I was going to do some photography. Well, I was gonna TRY and do some photography, but the sky is quite cloudy and overcast. It would be a miracle to shoot 50 images, though I would really like 75-100 for a day of doing what I love. I wish I could get out of town, then I could bust that goal up big time. Ahh well. I'll have to keep pushing on for one more day and wait. I just want the joy and comfort of a few new books to add to my collection. There are so many wonderful books I want to have. Hopefully I'll have a better day tomorrow or so.
SirHunter7 SirHunter7
51-55, M
Sep 5, 2012