Not Much In Love Or No Love At All

i am married and have two children but that doesnt mean we are a happy fam. since i got prgnt. from my 2nd baby me and my partner have had tooooo much arguments. we have not shared our own thoughts in anything not even when we have sex because i call it sex for what we do . for the reason that i know what we do is not called 'love' well to make the story shorter i was getting board with my relation of marriage and sex life so that took me to look for it somewhere else and i did and i found it this other person treats me really good, he apreciates what i do for him, and loves me with the same pasion of hate. at first i just liked him for the sex part but then we started talkin more and more and that took us to have something more special tours each other and know i could tell him with out me beeing scared or confused 'i love you' but bettween all this i am still with my husband and i am still jealouse with him but i don't know why because love is not the reason and i am shura that love is not what i feel for him. ok here comes the worst part this other guy is not what ever guy it is my husbands sisters' boyfriend which makes him my brother in law but i see him and he sees me with different eyes. we love each other and that is it . tell me what you think!!!!!!!! please

chancegirl chancegirl
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2009