Not Adventureous

my boyfriend and i are going up to a mountain resort this weekend. i've been there many times and love it. now my boyfriend is very adventureous, loves a new challenge, trying something at least once. ,, he asked me if i would go up in a helicopter, he asked me if i wanted to go ..i don't know what its called but you dangle from a wire and slide across a ravine thing, god know how high in the air..... well in my mind i'm thinking "no bloody way" but i can't say that all lthe time. the helicopter i think is out of the question, considering my fear of flying, but i might  conjur up the courage to try the "swing" thing. we're so opposite that way, i feel guilty.
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Well, did you do it? Curious people want to know. And, how did it feel if you did. Do you think it helped you reach a pivotal point in your life? Do you now have more courage? I"m a wuss with things like this.<br />
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you can do it! just close your eyes and before you know it you'll be giggling wildly like a child. ~seriously~ that's how i tackle all the things that i think, "oh good Lord, there's no way in H3LL!" i've managed a great deal of things this way; just ignore the fear and DO IT! let us know how it goes. you can and you will and you'll want to do it again! lol