Why Should I Be...?

Having fun with various avatar's is just that... fun. It's usually my favorite model wearing something sexy, preferably something I wish to add to my own collection.

It is odd that there are so many people out there that think that I am my avatar... I wish. She is afterall an extraordinarily beautiful woman, I can't help not wanting to emulate her on some level...

samantha72t samantha72t
5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Hi, samantha72t. Long time no talk. Are you still here? I am still using the same avatar.

I am my avatar, as this kitty aptly conveys-- intensity and intrigue.

Sometimes I wish my avatar wasn't me. It is that of a 63 year old man. If I put one om my pics up of me in my 30's or 40's , the ladies would go ouuuu. But I am who I am. We are all who we are and no reason to hide it.

Same for me. Mine just reflects how i truly feel.

My avatar isn't me either. It is a picture of something I believe in.