The Middle Child

Hi I'm not a child any more in fact I'm a grandmother and today my mum went into hospital, my dad died a few years ago I have 2 sisters I'm the one in the middle, I've always felt like a disappointment my older sister was brighter prettier and favoured my little sister came along ten years after me and was the baby and favoured me I was just there, usually in the way and always wrong, today I was talking to my older sister and she was telling me how she knew I wasn't favoured and how she felt more loved I've already been told by my younger sister that she grew up knowing she could abuse my things because she was allowed to and how she was encouraged to disrespect me, I love my sisters and we get along fine, I'm not jealous of them it's just that I think for years I've ran around trying to please my mother to get some kind of recognition and today I realised that's never going to happen my sisters know it I know it and I feel cheated, I'm on my own in so many ways and I don't understand why I'm of less value to my mother, my younger sister has made many mistakes and they are excused forgiven and she is protected and always has been and if there's a way of making it my fault then that's what happens, and like I said today it hurts, hopefully tomorrow I will be ok again, thank you for reading x
Cherripip Cherripip
46-50, F
Dec 11, 2012