Things Have Been Really Crappy Lately....

So I've been very wound up, whiny, bitchy, and tired. Since late December it's been like this.  I'm hoping this week will be a return to normal.

During late December, I missed almost 2 1/2 weeks worth of work due to heavy snow.  My paycheck was only $419 for that month, making January 09' a ***** of a month to make the bills on.

During January the following **** happened

- Got run off the road by some idiot who was not watching the line down the center, where I was sent careening off into a ditch and had to be towed out

- Threats against my job due to being late due to low quality alarm clocks

- Spending upwards of $50 on Alarm Clocks to assure I would wake up for work

- Getting an average of 2 hours a sleep at night trying to work out ways to pay bills and solve other various problems

- My truck's transmission died, thankfully the family paid for it as a "birthday present", but it still meant...

- Driving a loaner car, I'm used to my truck, so for almost 2 weeks I was stuck driving an unfamiliar car with tons of problems including...
-- Brights that would turn on by themselves when using the Turn Signal
-- A 0-60 time of about a minute and a half on regular unleaded
-- A CD Player that skips while cold
-- An automatic transmission (hence sluggishness)

- Breaking the drivers side mirror on said loaner car because some dumb **** yuppie would put their garbage can out on the street

- Getting my truck back to find the starter had seized, and having to have it towed to the shop

- The night that happened the mains to the toilet broke and flooded my apartment bathroom

- Because of the above, I spend 2 days without a toilet, having to go around town to businesses just to use the bathroom

- Sent two repair requests to the apartment management0, still no technician has shown up to fix it

- I finally got fed up and fixed it myself, which could mean lease termination if the apartment management are total dirtbags, when I gotta take a ****, I gotta take a ****, nuff said

- Not enough gigs to play, a lot of the venues are not having a lot of rock nights, and some of the nights they do have prefer covers and top 40 bands to original music

- Political stress from the various crap about gun control, taxes, the stupid bailouts that should never have happened, and our "godlike" president, and lots of scary visions of the future, and so fourth....not to mention owing $139 this year in income taxes....seemed to pay to be a dependant, now I know why most of my peers still live with mom and dad.

    Mix this all together with a healthy dose of sexual frustration and there's crankiness and bitterness....oh, and it's Singles Awareness Day or so I hear, happy singles awareness day, bah humbug...

The only thing that can make me smile as of late, has been that I have made it this 26, as tomorrow I turn 26.

DarkParade83 DarkParade83
Feb 9, 2009