Life Sure Is Busy


The stresses of daily life... something we all face from time to time....

Lately, it just seems to be too much to handle though... it never stops.... Mom, do this... Wifey... do that.... Boss... give me this.... Hey Lady... you dropped this!

All I want to do is STOP!!!

Life is wonderful though so I'll just keep on riding the ride and smiling even when I don't want to.  ☺

Miss Moi  ♥

MissMoi MissMoi
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

i know that giving u a piece of advice like'calm down' would be useless.well all i could tell u for the moment is that u r very young and its not difficult 2 find ways to get out of this runnin up and down all day long.U'll figure it out,anyway we'll talk on msn too i guess about this..