Honey, I'm Home!

This is the third account that I recall creating here on EP.

I originally stumbled across this wonderful community during my Sophomore year of high school, circa 2007.  I was conflicted, both socially and domestically speaking.  Being only 16 or so, I didn't feel like I "fit in," per se, as all of my problems and experiences seemed amateur compared to some of the other stories I had read on here.  I deleted my account just a few weeks after creating it.

My second account sprung forth during a domestically violent relationship with an ex -- whom for all extensive purposes, we will call "J" -- after experiencing a miscarriage at 10 weeks gestation in 2010.  It was also during this time that I had confessed to the EP community that I had never really gotten over the guy I had dated before jumping into a relationship with "J" -- this one, we will call "R."  Being the type of person "J" was, he took control of things by monitoring my internet usage (unbeknownst to me) and discovered my confession about my undying feelings for "R."  After a heated argument, "J" made me delete my second account.

* * Fun Fact: After ending my relationship with "J" and pursuing a one-year relationship with one other guy ("D"), I moved back to my home state where "R" continued to reside.  As fate would have it, 10 days after being back, we began talking again and were able to reconcile our differences from our previous relationship ... and are now engaged! :D

But, with my life more on track, and my life experiences and maturity now more up to par, I have returned for Round 3 on EP.  Oh, how I've missed reading all of your stories, and getting to know you all!  I will try my hardest to not leave you in the dust again.  =)
Euphoryana Euphoryana
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013