Bluebie's Not A Newbie

I have been around for quite a while...  Let's see, just over 2 years now.  I was not always Bluebie though, some of you know or would remember me as HeavenBesideYou.

Those that know me as HBY, also know why I found it depressing to sign on as such and let my profile sit for months in between visits.  You also know why I can't seem to bring myself to delete it either.  I was caught between a rock and a hard place, not wanting to be living in the memory, not wanting to delete the account, as I may one day want the memory, yet missing EP and all the good stuff I have found and continue to find here.

If you were in my circle and I haven't sought you out, please just add me.  I don't visit the HBY profile, so as I run across you I will add you again, but if you run across me, I would be pleased to hear from you, I'm sure :) 

Although I admit that it is strange to run across my old profile sometimes, and I get a pang of something in my heart when I do, starting again is what I felt was a good solution for me.  It is not intended to be some sort of secret (obviously), and I am not signing on as HBY at all, as you can plainly see, so I am not up to any duplicity either.  It was just a way for me to be here, with you, that I could live with.

And no.  I really don't want to talk about what happened.  I feel like the explanation is here, if you want to find it, and if you know me well, then you know the whole story already.

Hugs to all.

Bluebie Bluebie
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24 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Yes, I think you are right there, rt. People leave and come back for many reasons, I guess the same as real life when friends drift in and out of it.

I've only been here a few weeks, but noticed that it seems to be common for people to get upset and leave (someone with a cat-like name has just written that she's leaving because EP is like high school); and also common for many of them to come back again.

2010 is turning into a great year, Marcus! I (finally) found a job and you are right about charting new waters this year. Certainly has gotten to a good start! Glad you are quite well, Hon. :)<br />
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I'm going to add you right now, Kitten! Hugs, girlfriend.

Hiya Bluebie, great to see you again. :D<br />
<br />
It's been going quite well. Treated myself to a new laptop this Christmas (hmm, why does that sound familiar) and am busy with work. Looking to chart new waters in 2010!<br />
<br />
Hope you are doing well and look forward to catching up with you. <br />
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Thanks Marcus! How have you been? Last time I chatted with you it was on the phone during a cab ride in NYC. Hope all has been going well for you since then :)

Glad to see you back. :)

He better not. The women would never leave him alone! lol

I hear ya! I told him to write about the thing he does with his tongue...LMAO!!

I figured you might have something blue I can borrow one day ;)<br />
<br />
Bob's erotica may be more about football and beer than sex. Oh wait, that's YOUR erotica. LMAO.

Aww thanks for the wings girl- I need them :) <br />
I'm glad you are here too. Now lets make BF write some erotica !

Thanks Snowy. You are a sweetheart, and a dear friend. I am so happy to be back having fun with all of you again. And BTW, you can just keep those wings you borrowed forever ago. I won't be needing them anymore. :)

Hugs to you sweetie! I am glad you are here no matter what your profile name is...:)

LOL FG! Good thing I am not drinking or I would probably fall right off those rockin shoes.

And with legs like that how could they be anything but good???

Yes, the name came from an Alice in Chains song. And the name Bluebie came from a HBY story about how I love blue... <br />
<br />
Things are better every day. Life is good. Thanks, dreamvoyeur. :)

It's been good, to be back. I love to be here too, finally, again. It also helps to be on a brand new computer without all those old picture files. I am so pleased that I treated myself to this laptop. I deserved it, dammit! Send it on, I'll add it to my growing avatar folder :)

oops never mind. I am having effing issues.

Yes we should sweetie.... It has been too long since we talked.....

I love you here. We had so much fun before and we can get back to where we were on here. I need to send you the special avatar. Let me do that while it is on my screen.

You know that you are one of the huge reasons why I am here again FG. You text me and pretty much harrassed me until we came up with this solution. I love you girlfriend.<br />
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Thanks mtvlm. You are a sweetheart, and I hope all is well with you. We should catch up soon, it's been a while.

Thanks Bluebie..... Your always welcome in my circle..... *wink*

I am just happy to have you back with us. I agree it was best for you to start over with the new profile as well. ((hugs))

Thanks MTVLM. I'm glad to have you in my circle, and happy to be in yours again. :)

It is what happened, it is part of your past, that can not change and if this is the way to leave it in the past then so be it....<br />
<br />
Glad that you have added me again...<br />
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