Not On Earth

I Do not see normal Colors.
I See lights.
I Do not see People like you see them.
I See them as a light. A Candle Burning in a black void.
The stronger The soul, The brighter the Light. A Normal baby or
Youngling's light is but a dim flicker of movement.
A Childs light is but a smoldering coal that may very well
Light into flames, Just like it may Be muffed out.
A Teenagers Light is a small flame,That may be blown out with a single breath.
A Adults light is a Strong, Hot flame dancing in the mid-night air.
But what about anmials? you might say.
To me, The only anmials that Exist, Are those of Legend.
All those who where lost and forgotton. But i have not forgotton.
To me, Their lights are like a billion Stars. Never Dimming,
Never Wavering.
Even those that are spoken of now, But are thought to be a silly
Fairy tale.
Like Elfs
Or dwarfs
They are brighter then any one Person alone.
People of all shapes and sizes.
All with diffrent Imputs on the world.

All think i have gone mad.
But no.
I Have simpley Seen what layes before us.
What wonders Await those who Choose correctley.
That my friends...Is what i have seen.
If you Have seen what i have..........You will never look at someone the same way again.
StarySkys StarySkys
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I know exactly what you mean.

Thats a good way to see the things. I wanted to see what lies beyond but aside from the physical world i can only see my dreams. I do seek those dreams, each one fantasy i can grasp is translated by my pen.