I'm Ugh.

I have had 3 children.  Do you now what that does to person's body?  Abdominal muscles are shot to ****...for starters. 

I'm not 200 lbs or anything.  But I do not look like a 20 something who has never had kids either.  Or someone how has 2 kids and goes to the gym.  I cannot afford a gym membership.  (if there is an EP fairy here...I would love one the Y here!!  =)  )

I am you average mom.  Period.  Nothing special.  And there are days I'm ok with it.  And days I'm not. 

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you look perfect to me also, sexy and desireable

LOL for what...saying you guys want to touch me?

LMAO Rant!!!! OMG!!! I'm rollin over here!! LOL TOO FUNNY!!!

"WOw guys...thank you so much. You really touched me."<br />
<br />
Well, it certainly sounds like they WANT to!! ;)

Well hello Mr. Depp! Can I have your autograph?<br />
<br />
*gives smuggit table food and rubs tummy* thank you my dear friend<br />
<br />
The floor FB!! LOL <br />
<br />
WOw guys...thank you so much. You really touched me.

the special part is the only part I can see of you! your heart

no I'm not hon. NO. I'm just average. I'm just...me.

Maybe rant...thanks!

My own wife has popped out two kids and is about 10 years older than you, and you know what, if it weren't for the gawd-damned depression, and associated mood swings, I'd say she's as hot as the day I met her 15 years ago. I think women, in general, are harder on themselves, and each other, than their loved ones are. Generally we men are just happy a woman is willing to get naked for us! ;)<br />
<br />
The important thing is to stay healthy, and that doesn't take a two-hour-a-day session at a gym.

LOL YUP!! I sure am!! *blushes*


You just want to see my boobs!! LOL

Some of us...MOST of us...aren't that blessed.

My sis in law has 4 kids & is crazy about staying fit. She says she loves being a milf lol

Yeah....it's called being a mom!! lol ;-)

I can SOOOO Relate to this.....