Loosing My Grip

i swear it, im loosing it, i thought i was ok, i swear i was ******* ok. just today really, i mean i was fine, i was fine, but DAMMIT im NOT ok. im PISSED, im SAD, and im LOOSING the battle that's raging inside. one moment i was ok then im like this. suki says it's a good thing, but i know she just wants me to break. ****!!!! i dont know what to do, im lost and im really scared. im.......dammit i swore i was ok. did it again, i gave in, but it felt so good. i ******* swear it felt good. but it hurt too. im really sorry to a friend of mine here on EP. we both said that when we feel like giving in that we'd talk, but ****, i missed it so much, and....im sorry, im so ******* sorry, i just......sorry....the cuts have stopped bleeding, so im fine, but i feel so guilty, i just couldnt resist.
deathblossom17 deathblossom17
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2010