I Hate Admitting It Too =/

The hardest thing for me to admit to myself, to my friends, and even to people that I don't know, is that I am not okay. I want so badly to appear strong all the time, and like I can handle just about anything that life throws my way. I want to be the one that people feel like they can come to to, and talk to about anything, and I won't feel overwhelmed.

But right now, i need to admit it,that I am not okay. As bad as I don't want to, because I don't want to appear weak, and like I can't handle anything, I don't want people to worry that they can't talk to me, because of what I'm going through, I want my friends to still come and talk to me about what they are going through and not have to worry.

I hate that I am feeling this way, but I can't keep it together on my own, I feel extremely weak, and vulnerable right now, I am opening myself up, to someone, well right now, anyone I guess since I am writing this. This is not something I do often, because I am scared I am going to get hurt, but I need to just come out and say that I am not okay, and I hate that so damn much.

Maybe this should be a blog entry, I am sorry if I upset anyone, I am just trying to get my thoughts out I guess. Again, I'm sorry
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1 Response Dec 19, 2010

Hey there.... <br />
There's no need to be sorry. And about the way you're feeling... you should talk to your frens about it. Or anyone that u'r close to. It'll really help you out. And it doesnt prove you weak in any sense, dear. But, yes... if you'll keep it within yourself and wont let it come out... then, surely, it'll make you weak. So, just let out your thoughts... And you'll feel much better. Takecare..