Team Dead Man

While I'm a big fan of Esprit de Corps, the formation of teams suggests the start of a competition.  That's not part of my vision for EP.

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You are unattractive DMW? No way!!!! <br />
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I don't see EP as a competition. I remember when lala first came to EP. We had a lot of fun back in the day. EP was founded as a support site but in many ways it has lost that with all the jealousies and hatreds that have come about. I would like to see EP return to the place it was when Lala first joined but that isn't going to happen so I make the most of what it is today and spend time with my friends. I still have a good time here.

On EP as in life, change is the only constant.

I think there is competing, not intentionally to start with, but there's always someone who wants to be better and more popular than everyone else. (i can see the eyes rolling now)<br />
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That's a nice vision to have, but they're pretty shallow if they even consider your looks before you as a person.

My vision is for a place where I can hang out and chat aimlessly with young women who aren't aware that I'm unattractive.<br />
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Generally though the Q&A section is the only place where there's a chance to meet normal people.

Haha ok.<br />
Well, when I first joined and that summer when I was here talking to certain people...It was because it was a place to have a giggle, with everyone. Then as it wore on, I opened up and it became a kind of support system (not entirely), then now...I use it to PM people. It's ugly, people on here are ugly, they're souless. Not everyone, but most. As another load of friends leave and more paedophiles are openly allowed to share and be part of this, I wonder if the founders have a vision that doesn't consist of dollar signs.

You go first. I don't have any speech prepared.

What is your vision? Mine's changed a lot the last few months