I don't need to be on anyone's team. I really don't - I am not on anyone's team. I am a one man army with my own: the Deadman, The Showstoppin' Heartbreaker, the Cerebral Assassin, the Peoples Champion, the Rabid Wolverine in me that is always ready for a fight and the Rated R Superstar. So try me - I'll make you famous because pain is temporary - this Game is FOREVER.

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8 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I'm also a loner by nature, but here I can feel freer to be myself. Most people don't seem to be comfortable with me in RL. I guess that's why I come here. When I'm not... My thoughts drift here throughout the day.

Yeah, I just had to chew her out for that not too long ago. She shut everyone out and wouldn't answer my texts... she's been texting me everyday since. so maybe she's feeling a bit better.

Well I will let her know of your feelings... I'm sure she doesn't want you to feel like this.

LOLOL I didn't know there was one! Tell me where to find it!... I already have his website in my favorites!<br />
Ahh you know she loves you Mosaic.... *hugs*

Nahh your not..... she talks about you every time I'm texting her. she always wants to make sure you know how she's doing. she's just had a really bad time. She told me you just recently helped her through a bad episode when she wanted to cut a lot.

Well there was some bad karma floating and she told me to jump on here tonight with her... see what was happening...

LOL Puss is here....

Well Howdy doody there Cowboy!... How's it hangin".... I came in on the Puss express.....