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It's not that I don't think finding love online is a possiblity, but I'm not interested in developing a romantic relationship here. If you live close and we've spoken/emailed several times and you'd like to hang out, then sure. That would be great. But I'm not building up some sort of romantic exchange with anyone on here (especially anyone long distance). To me, starting a love relationship online is sort of like starting a love relationship with a cardboard cutout, or a computer, or a telephone. It's impossible to tell how attracted you will be to a person until you can see them move, hear them speak and smell them. I've heard too many stories of people saying they fell in love online, then met the person in real life, only to realize that they weren't attracted to that person.
Fayerweather Fayerweather
36-40, F
Dec 12, 2012