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I am a sex-positive person. I am polyamorous and I'm currently involved in two committed, long term relationships with my two wonderful boyfriends. I love sex and don't mind if you have a somewhat sexually oriented profile, BUT, I am not here to find men to have cyber sex with. I'm not interested in sexually oriented conversations or in fullfilling some sort of sexual need for the men out here.

If you're profile is ALL sexually oriented groups, then I probably won't accept your add request, basically because I won't see any evidence that you'd be interested in anything BUT sexual talk. Thanks in advance for your patience and the time it took to read this :D
Fayerweather Fayerweather
36-40, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

haha .. I was just thinking this, this morning ..and I started deleting people following that.
I like you Fayerweather!!
*index pointing, narrow eyes admiring facial expression*