Maybe It Needs To Be Said?

I am new to EP and in the process of finding my way around I have been open to communicating with anyone who has reached out to me. I am a friendly person by nature and as a single mom of four kids don't get much adult interaction. I was excited to hear from others and then I realized that most were contacting me for sexual conversation.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a very sexual person, although you wouldn't guess it from the lack of sex in my life! That is of course another story for another group, I only bring it up because I understand the desire to be sexual and share that connection with others. When I am ready to again start being sexual, it will be with a real person that I meet in real time. NOT someone that I have only communicated with online.

If you want to discuss sexuality, I am open to that as one adult to another, but I am not interested in being a cheap thrill for you to ********** to. I am not into playing pretend and I do not wish to pretend that you are my boyfriend, that we are meeting over a cup of coffee (and yes because of my username many have made it seem that coffee leads to instant sexual interaction.... maybe I have been going to the wrong coffeehouse but that has never been my experience! lol), and I do not want to describe myself sexually to you.

I will admit to being naive, and I have been led from what seemed like an innocent conversation to talking about sex. I take the blame for that, I felt uncomfortable and didn't know how to handle it without hurting feelings. I will be more cautious and I apologize if my bluntness seemed as an invitation for more. If you ask me about sex I will tell you that I love it, just as if you ask me if I love to drink I will tell you that I love margaritas. Loving sex doesn't make me open to be sexual with anyone who is interested just as loving margaritas doesn't make me an alcoholic.

I am here on EP because I love to write and because I have many things in my past that I am trying to work through. The end result is that I hope to let go of all of the baggage I am carrying, one of them being that I am overweight. So if the above doesn't discourage you from contacting me in a sexual nature remember that I am fat, and not two sizes above skinny fat, but fat for all intents and purposes. When I rid this baggage both mental and physical, and I am finally in a place to explore opening up emotionally and sexually with someone, it will be with someone who sees me, who knows me and who isn't going to be disappointed with what they get.

Now, I would like to make friends here and hopefully all that I have said doesn't scare you away. I am a good friend to have, I have a very open mind and am an extremely non-judgmental person. If you are here for cyber-sex or otherwise, great, I just would prefer not to be involved.
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Nice biography and I hope you make some good friends here.

You said it in the best way possible, sister. I hate it when everything in my inbox is a request for my number or some sexual comment. It's like, 'Is that all I am to you -a sexual object?'.

Books are the best kind of baggage. Hope you get to write a few. And if there is one thing the world is not short of, it is sad lonely men who don't have the courage to approach women in real life but seek out their gratification hidden behind a handle. I see it as an extension of voyeurism/**** addiction. These are the men that never figure out that women want to be addressed as women, not as cogs in the machinery of some private fantasy that is almost always a) predictable b) kind of sad. I'm not blaming them, there's just a lot of them out there, because life is cruel. So be safe and feel free to message me. I'm happily married and not trolling for anything other than good conversation.

That makes good sense!