: (

I miss EP.

I miss my friends here...

But life is just so busy since I separated from my husband. Job. Household. Trying to spend time with my kids...

I simply don't have the time to be here most of the time. And when I do log on, no one is here.


And when I log in, it seems I have nothing to say anymore. : (

I miss EP.

Really, really I do. : (
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14 Responses Feb 23, 2011

I bit my tongue... for you... I really don't want you going. I didn't want to leave either. Just a moment of confusion in this muddled faeriehead... it just gets overwhelming at times... and as always, since more people know me here better than in rl, faerie tends to shrink away. Habit.

For my Scooby? Always. : ) <br />
<br />
(and not just 'cause I'd suck if I didn't return the favor...)

I still miss you. You know I can never get enough of The GlowGirl. Alas, I think I may need to step back a bit again too. Its just too consuming, you know? And thank you for always helping me put things into perspective when I need to.

*curtsies*<br />
<br />
I hate being one of the "missed" ones. :-/ <br />
<br />
Trying to be around a little more since I wrote this. (I should be doing laundry or something. Aaah, the vortex....)

Well...not much. :-P****

I miss you tooooooo. But I totally understand. Gotta balance it all dude. And Glow with nothing to say anymore huh? Hmmm..... ;P

Hah. I've had days like that in the past. Sometimes lately when I'm here, I just read and don't comment. My time here is so limited. I want to respond to PMs and write and comment...but I also want to catch up on my friends. Things just seem to fall by the wayside...

Thanks guys...I'm working on things. I like Taken's comment. "Quality, not quantity."

Thanks, GMG. I like to think of it as a cycle. I'll be back. I always am. Hopefully people will still want me when I am.

It is too special to leave, wisiwig. But sometimes when I log on, it's like visiting an old homeplace where I haven't lived for years. The sense of familiarity tainted by the foreign feeling. So much different. Meh.

It's true though, life moves on, work gets busy and we don't have as much time to play any more. Like you I do miss EP too.

*tackles and hugs Tekk* <br />
<br />
Sylphy - bite your tongue! I never said I was leaving...this is just a weird time. Things have to slow down soon. Right??

The faerie is here!!!<br />
<br />
But I know what you're saying... I posted one in the group that says thinking of leaving EP... things are too much at times, no? *hugs Glowy... sprinkles faeriedust*

Miss you too!