I Use To Be....... Mistake......

Facebook is what turned me to this.. My "friend" Decided we shouldnt be friends anymore and on facebook she would bash me and make me look bad and she got everyone to turn on me and now everyone at school hates me and i don't have many friends Then i had a guy friend that i was talking to for a while and i sent him a friend request and he pushed the button saying that he didn't know me.. Not only did it hurt my feelings but it pushed my limit and i decided i was done with facebook.. I'm done being made fun of and im done with that.. So i found this site.. A place where people will understand.. And it helped me realize that i dont need a facebook..
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I find it very sad that someone could hurt you so bad that you would give up something you liked. I found my oldest daughter from my first marriage. She and my next, again, lost their mom. She was murdered and My kids blame me because if I were still with her she wouldn't have been where she was killed. Anyway, reason is not important, my oldest closed her Facebook acct because I tried to make contact with her. You can unfriendly someone who is being abusive to you. You can also go to the school. In my state they have an anti bullying law that covers Facebook. The guy who said he didn't know you, if you do know him in real life you can message him even though you are not friends and say how you feel. Facebook is not just a "meetup" for friends. There are groups and pages from lobbyist groups and businesses and a lot of info you might like. This bully could have done the same things in school or real life if Facebook and the internet didn't exist. Whether you go back to Facebook or not, Don't let a bully limit your life. Don't hide your pain. Share with people who do care be it here, on Facebook or in real life. Every time you give in your life becomes smaller and you lose.

Thank you for the help.. I really shouldn't let her get me down.. She brings out so much of my bad side..